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Ayulink Clinical Research

(Clinical trials of ayurvedidc – herbal products) – since 2014

    Ayulink Clinical Research (AyulinkCR) is an unit of AYULINK, associated with Ayulink Ayurveda Hospital. Our hospital is first registered Ayurveda Hospital (having Form C) in Gujarat state and mediclaim re-imbursement facility (even cashless facility is available for certain insurance companies)

    At Ayulink CR, we undertake clinical trials from all ayurveda producers. Till today, most of the ayurveda product manufacturers have no choice to get clinical trials in an Ayurvedic Hospital. Majority of them have to go to allopath hospital. Now here is a choice to conduct clinical trials of ayurveda products in a registered ayurveda hospital.

    Ayulink CR is open for any herbal products, ayurveda products, food products and food supplements for undertaking clinical trials.

    We have our own Ethics Committee. (We follow DCGI / ICMR guideline and schdule Y)

    Please forward any proposal for clinical trials (pilot study), with protocol for approval from our ethics committee. If you need any further informaiton, please feel free to contact us. We can arrange a personal meeting for the same.


Kindly email us ayulink@gmail.com or admin@ayulink.com

Thank You.

To get latest project details, please visit : Ayulink Clinical Research Projects