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Ayulink Education

(Teaching – Training : Courses) – since 1996

Training Courses

Ayulink Education (Teaching, Training – courses) is conducting courses for foreigners and NRIs (Non Residential Indians) since 1996. All courses are designed by Dr. Prerak Shah. Dr. Shah has more than 32+ years of experience in the field of Ayurveda (including more then 27 Western countries).Thousands of students, including western doctors and different therapists are trained by him. Ayulink Education is trusted name in the field of ayurveda courses in four continents (Asia, Europe, North America and South America). Our short term but full time courses are designed to provide intensive training in the field of ayurveda and panchkarma under his guidance.

Clinical Ayurveda and Panchkarma Therapist” (CAPT) 
“Course in Ayurvedic Astrology” (CAA)Ayurveda Astrology Course
“Clinical Ayurveda Practitioner” (CAP) –  Certificate Course for Doctors
“Traditional Ayurveda Massage” – ‘Abhyanga’ (Sneha) Certificate Course for Massage Therapists
“Ayurveda Beauty Therapist” (ABT)Certificate Course for Beauticians
“Training in Pain Management with Ayurveda” (Vedana) – Certificate Course for Physio-Therapists

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Certificate Course for Therapists
“Clinical Ayurveda and Panchkarma Therapist” (CAPT)

Ayulink Education offers a new  ‘Ayurveda & Panchkarma Training program’  for western therapists.  This two- week (five days a week working format), full time course is based on the clinical approach on actual  patients. Here therapists, trained in various ayurveda subjects are encouraged to utilize their theoretical knowledge for a hands-on experience with actual  patients to treat various health related problems.


Course Syllabus :


01: Shareer Kriya (Physiology) – Outline of Dosha, Dhatu, Mala, Agni Theory – Prakruti (Physical Constition and Mental Disposition) – The rols of vital forces

02: Panchkarma Treatments (Detoxification) – Five special processes for cleanisng the body at cellular level – Purvakarma, pradhankarma and paschatkarma

03: Abhyang (Ayurvedic Massage) – Different position of massage – Face massage, foot massage, hand massage, abdomen massage, front massage, back massage, head massage etc.

04: Shirodhara and sarvangdhara – Shirodhara, shirobasti, shiropichu

05: Lekhan Massage (for fat reduction) – powder massage, udvartan

06: Lepam – Facepack, medicinal paste for skin, joint pain. inflammation etc.

07: Svedan – Nadi sveda and Bashpa sved

08: Pind svedan – patra-pind svedan, valuka svedan, shali-pind svedan etc

09: External pain managment processes – Janubasti, Katibasti, Hrudbasti and Greevabasti

10: Other procedures – Nasya, Akshitarpan, Karnapuran, Gandush-kaval, Nabhipuran etc

11: Samsarjan kram – special diet program during panchkarma treatments

Course Highlights :
  • Hands-on, practical Ayurvedic / panchkarma training.
Duration :
Two weeks (with five days a week – full time training schedule)




Certificate Course for Doctors
“Clinical Ayurveda Practitioner” (CAP)
(Clinical Education for the Western Practitioner )

This two- week (five days a week working format), full time course is designed for western doctors, who possess basic knowledge of ayurveda and wish to gain practical experience in the field. This would enable them to  gain more in-depth knowledge about different diseases in accordance with ayurveda and they will also be encouraged to utilize their theoretical knowledge for clinical experience to treat  actual  patients. This  includes clinical training of Nidana (Diagnosis)  in which  participants will get a chance to examine  patients along with Dr. Prerak Shah during his consultations.

Course Syllabus :


01: Concepts of Kaya-chikitsa (Diseases)

02: Concepts of Panchkarma

03: Concepts of Dravya-guna (herbs and materia medica)

04: History taking and evaluation

05: Examination and diagnosis

06: Understanding of pathogenesis


Course Highlights :

Course includes clinical training of Nidana (Diagnosis) – participants will get chance to attend real patients with Dr. Prerak Shah during his consultations.

Duration :
Two weeks (with five days a week – full time training schedule)




Certificate Course for Beauticians
“Ayurveda Beauty Therapist” (ABT)

Ayulink Education offers a special course for Beauticians  under the  Ayurveda Beauty Therapist (ABT) training program, to be conducted by Dr. Prerak Shah. This two- week (five days a week working format), full time course comprises  ayurveda beauty concepts, day to  day beauty related problems and much more. This program will also include hands-on practical training on various  procedures and preparations of herbal beauty formulations.

Course Syllabus :

Modules with theory:

01: Introduction to the subject

· Mythology
· The basis of ayurvedic cosmetology
· Sanskaras

02: Beauty with reference to Ayurvedic physiology

· Skin – anatomy, physiology and types of skin (V, P, K)
· Dincharya – Rutucharya

03: Three major beauty aspects

· Diet
· Sleep
· Brahmacharya

04: Enhancement of Beauty

· Factors promoting internal beauty
· Factors promoting external beauty

05: Factors spoiling the Beauty

· Internal factors
· External factors

Modules with theory and practicals:

06: Skin care

07: Face care

08: Eye care

09: Cheeks care

10: Lips care

11: Teeth care

12: Nail care

13: Breast care

14: Hair care

15: Hand / leg care

16: General care guidelines – Stretch marks, care for ear, spine, navel, genitals & Baby care etc.

17: Addressing minor beauty related non complicated conditions

Course Highlights :
  • Hands-on, practical Ayurvedic beauty procedures.
  • Clinical training of procedures and preparation of herbal beauty formulations, such as – Abhyanga, Facial massage, Face pack, Shirodhara, Shiroabhyanga, Hair pack, Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer, Scrub, Face Lepam, Kajal, Lip Balm, Nail Ghee, Breast Lepam, Naval massage, Naval pack etc.
Duration :
Two weeks (with five days a week – full time training schedule)




Certificate Course in Ayurveda Astrology
“Course in Ayurvedic Astrology” (CAA)

This four – weekends  special course is designed for health professionals,  practitioners and therapists, who possess basic knowledge of ayurveda and wish  to combine knowledge of Indian astrology with  their practice. Integration  of ayurveda with astrology is quite  helpful in diagnosis and treatment of the various  body conditions, particularly in treating metabolic disorders. In this short  course, the  focus will be on introduction of Kundli (Horoscope chart) and its interpretation.

Course Syllabus :


01: Fundamentals of Astrology

: Astrology (Jyotish) in Ayurvedic literature: An overview
: Introduction to Kundli (Horoscope chart)
: Introduction to Rashi (Zodiac sign)
: Introduction to Grahas (planets)
: Different sthans in Kundli

02: Ayurvedic Astrology

: Jyotish (Astrology) and its relationship with various diseases
: Different sthans in Kundli and their implications on various diseases
: Guidelines for treatment of various diseases

Course Highlights :

The Course includes practical training in  reading of  kundli, evaluation of different combinations ofGrahas, Rashis and Sthans for preventive aspects of various diseases , as well as their diagnosis, prognosis and treatment.

Duration :
Four weekends (Total: 48 hours)




Certificate Course for Massage Therapists
“Traditional Ayurveda Massage” – ‘Abhyanga’ (Sneha)

Ayulink Education presents Sneha – Traditional Ayurveda Massage Training program to be conducted by Dr. Prerak Shah. This one week intensive residential training program is being held every year from OcCertificate Course for Physio-Therapiststober to February at AYULINK Ayurveda Hospital, Ahmedabad, India.

Dr. Prerak Shah will share the practical experience and knowledge of ayurvedic traditional massage with the participants of this program, which deals with various aspects of massages in day today health problems like arthritis, joint pains, stiff joints, obesity, neurological conditions, abdominal distress, beauty problems and much more. This program will also include hands-on practical training in various aspects of Ayurvedic / Panchkarma treatments.

Course Syllabus :


  • Basics of ayurvedic principles of massage
  • Health Management through massage
  • Ayurvedic / traditional massage for different health conditions
  • Introduction to massage (Skill development program)
  • Basics of oil massage, powder massage, different kinds of lepams, knowledge of common herbs, formulations and their uses in massages. Preparing medicated ghee, oils. Traditional massage techniques.
Course Highlights :
  • 30-hours of practical training program.
  • Traditional massages with oil – powder, fomentation, Shirodhara, Shiro-abhyang, Shiro-basti, Netra-tarpan, Facial massage, Face packs, nabhi-puranam and more.
Duration :
One week (with five days a week training schedule, 30 hours)




Certificate Course for Physio-Therapists

“Training in Pain Management with Ayurveda” (Vedana)

Pain is a major problem in the world. Complete management of pain with any treatment is very difficult. Some treatments may provide fast and short term benefits, with risk of side effects. Ayurveda has its own approach for Pain management. In this course participants learn various procedures for different kind of pain.

Course Syllabus :


  • Basics of ayurvedic principles of pain
  • Pain Management through several external Ayurveda procedures
  • Problems in nervous system, muscular system, locomotors system, G. I tract, stress related conditions and other psychological conditions will be focused in the training
Course Highlights :
  • 30-hours of training program 10 hours lectures and 20 hours practical
  • Practical training of more than different 20 procedures.
  • Course is ideal for Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Physical trainers and Massage therapists.
  • Knowledge with reference to classical ayurveda texts
Duration :
One week (with five days a week training schedule, 30 hours)





Certificate Course for “Ayurvedic Life Style Counselor Training Program” (AyurMitra)

There are number of health problems in our society related with lifestyle. Lifestyle includes proper diet and activities. By providing proper knowledge and understanding, one can manage the health and prevent diseases. Ayurveda Life Style Counselor Training is the basic step to understand the fundamentals of ayurveda for diet and lifestyle. An AyurMitra can help other people in the society for the prevention of the health and also for the management of day today health issues. 

Course Syllabus :

Module 1:  Ayurveda

Classical siddhānta (fundamental principles) – Tri-doṣa siddhānta

Agni, doṣas, dhātus, malas, srotas

Daily regimen : Dinacharya, Ritucharya

Perspectives on health

External factors that influence health

Internal factors that influence health

Management of the doṣas

Management of the dhatus

Management of the agni and aama

Concept of aahar and vihar (Diet and activities)

Viruddha aahar (incompatible diet)


Module 2 : Ayurveda – Yoga and Mind connection

Yoga and mind

Different types yogic practice

Different types of paranayama and meditation

Yoga asanas for Vata, Pitta and Kapha

Yoga to control stress, anxiety and depression


Module 3: Clinical Assessment, Management of Health

Introduction to common kitchen herbs

Introduction to common kitchen spices

Introduction to common ayurvedic herbs and formulas

Common management procedures (Upakrama), pathya, apathya

Common Health conditions – problems diagnoses & its management

Course Highlights :
  • 150-hours of training program 
  • Practical training of health assessment 
  • Course is ideal for all ayurveda practitioners, yoga practitioners and health counselors
  • Knowledge with reference to classical ayurveda texts
Duration :
150 hours  (special training schedule can be designed as per request)






Certificate Course for Health Management with Ayurveda and Yoga –  “AyurYoga”

This 150 hour program is specially designed for Yoga Practitioners. Ayurveda and Yoga are two sides of  a coin. Health management with the combination of these two are very effective. 

Course Syllabus :

Module 1: Introduction to Ayurveda

Introduction to Ayurveda

Fundaments  of Ayurveda – Tridosha, Dhatu , Malas

Basic principal of Ayurveda – Ama & Agni, pathogenesis

Daily regimen : Dinacharya, Ritucharya

Diet as per Ayurveda, Rasa-Guna-Virya- Vipaka, Incompatible diet

Herbs, spices, vegetables and fruits etc,

Common health problems and common suggestions

Module 2: Yoga- Pranayama / meditation

History of Yoga

Basic principles of Yoga philosophy (Sankhya, Vedanta, Tantra)

Styles in modern yoga (Vinyasa, Yin, modern Hatha)

Basic Pranayama exercises

Introduction to different types of Yoga meditation

Module 3: Yogasana according to common health problems or according to Vata, Pitta and Kapha

* breath and psychology

* health management with the practice of pranayama

* development of intellectual faculties with pranayama

Course Highlights :
  • 150-hours of training program with lectures and practical 
  • Course is ideal for all Yoga practitioners and Yoga teachers
  • Knowledge with reference to classical ayurveda texts
Duration :
150 hours (special training schedule can be designed as per request)






Common Details for all courses
Optional Services :

  • Guidance for vegetarian meals & nearby room / accommodation arrangements
  • Guidance for Weekend site-seeing in and around city, visit to Ayurvedic Herbal Garden, Ayurvedic manufacturing Unit nearby city
  • Airport pick up and drop facilities on prior notification (at extra cost)
  • Food and Accommodation: A variety of accommodation options are available depending on the budget. We have arrangements with some leading hotels in nearby area and participants can get up to 30-40 % off on normal rates. Please write to us if you need more information about accommodation options.
Batches :

Our courses are more individualized. Not in classroom, or not having lectures on board. We do not expect any batch for any course. Most time, it is individual / personal coaching. It can be designed according to need of the participant. One can start the course from any date. We suggest visiting our center during comfortable season, i.e. from October to February, every year.

Medium of Teaching / Training:

All our Training Programs are conducted in English, our teachers explain the topics in an easy to understand manner with minimal use of technical terms.

Certification :

All courses conducted by Ayulink Training & Research Institute, are affiliated with AADAR (Academy of Ayurveda Development And Research) which is an NGO recognised by Government of India.
After the successful completion of the course, all participants receive certificates issued from AYULINK.

Venue :

AYULINK Ayurveda Hospital, Silver Spring, B/h Xavier’s ladies hostel, Navrangpura, Ahmedadad – 380 009, Gujarat State, India.

Eligibility :

These programs are open for all, including ayurveda students, practitioners and teachers; alternative & conventional medical practitioners and massage therapists.

Registration :

Please ask for our registration form at ayulink@gmail.com or info@ayulink.com Fill out and send it along with advance payment through PayPal from our website. It is recommended to register your name 60 days prior to your desired batch.

We take limited number of students in each training programs, so advance reservation required. Advance deposit (20% of the course fees) must be paid to secure reservation in the course. This Advance deposit is non-refundable. The deposit will be deducted from the total course fee and the balance must be paid on the first day of the course.

For late registration:

Admission for the course will be solely dependent on seat availability

Mode of Payment :


Pay Pal is the most acceptable way to pay online. Pl visit Pay Pal and pay only advance payment for any course or service. Rest payment, you can pay by cash / traveler’s cheque when you arrive here.

Swift :

If you wish to transfer the money by SWIFT direct into our bank account, please inform us via e-mail. We will send you complete SWIFT instruction. Generally it takes ten days to realize. We will confirm the receipt of the same by e-mail. For information related to the program, please email us at ayulink@gmail.com,  or  info@ayulink.com

Western Union Money Transfer :

If you have a Western Union office nearby, please make payable to Dr. Prerak Shah. Inform us of the transfer code by e-mail at ayulink@gmail.com  or  info@ayulink.com

More about us :

Ahmedabad is 7th largest city of India. It is in north to Mumbai, and takes aprox. 50 minute flight time. Ahmedabad is having international airport. You can directly fly to Ahmedabad with Emirates Airways, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, Jet Airways, Singapore Airlines etc. If you fly to Mumbai or New Delhi first, then from Mumbai or New Delhi there are several airlines flying to Ahmedabad daily, nearly 45+ flights daily.
Please note that we are not a resort or SPA for luxury or wellness treatments. We are real hospital, working for patients with real health complains. Our hospital / training center is located in the middle of the city, near to main business area. Our neat and clean hospital, and training center offers treatments/ training with high standards by trained and experienced staff and doctors. But we do not have any star * accreditation.