Ayulink Education (Teaching, Training – courses) is conducting courses for foreigners and NRIs (Non Residential Indians) since 1996. All courses are designed by Dr. Prerak Shah.  Dr. Shah is practicing Ayurveda and Panchkarma since 1988. Thousands of students, including western doctors and different therapists are trained by him. Ayulink Education is trusted name in the field of ayurveda courses in four continents (Asia, Europe, North America and South America). Our short term but full time courses are designed to provide intensive training in the field of ayurveda and panchkarma under his guidance.

Since 2000, Dr. Shah started traveling around the world for teaching and training of Ayurveda / Panchkarma. He is a freelance worker.  Owners of small / big ayurveda centers offering short term courses on Ayurveda, generally invites him, to conduct several modules in their syllabus or to conduct short term courses, on their special request.

Later on we have developed now Franchise module, where such short term courses offered by ayurveda centers anywhere in the world can associate with AYULINK. Ayulink checks the technicality of the course syllabus and authenticate the course material, which is used further by trained qualified staff of the center teachers to conduct that course. Ayulink may also be part of exam process as mutually agreed. Finally at the completion of the course, the certificate bearing logos, Names and signed  (one is from franchisee and one from Ayulink) will be issued by Ayulink and posted to the Franchise. This module is working effectively with our present Franchise.

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