Position: Founder / Managing Director of AYULINK


Gujarat Ratna Gaurav Awardee – May 2022 (Pride of Gujarat State Award)

Ayulink– a multi objective platform:

  • Ayulink Ayurveda (Treatment Division)
  • Ayulink Education (Training Division)
  • Ayulink Clinical Research (R & D Division)
  • Ayulink Food Products (Exports Division)

Owner of Trade Marks:

      *   Ayulink * Arthrothermia * AyuBreth * Trimigo * Trimigo- SL * Sabrosa

Professional Career:

An Internationally renowned Ayurveda Consultant-Teacher and Motivational speaker with ”Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery” degree from Gujarat Ayurveda University, started practice in 1988, as Gujarat’s first full-fledged Panchkarma doctor as private practitioner in Ahmedabad. He is founder managing director of Ayulink– a multi objective platform for popularizing Ayurveda. Dr. Shah has developed his own unique approaches / techniques to treat Arthritis, Migraine, Ulcerative Colitis and Pain management.

International Presence:

He is committed to enhance the knowledge of the medical community, spread awareness and educate people for the betterment of the society as a whole. He has conducted lectures and seminars on various ayurvedic subjects at events in more than 27 countries and feel very grateful to have been invited to lecture at the United Nations’ Organization at Vienna, Austria in May 2005.

Innovations (Products):

He is committed to servicing the mankind and striving to develop natural products and medicines based on Ayurveda and spread awareness about the innumerable benefits that our ancient Indian medicinal science has gifted us. He is working hard on building a strong relationship with Pharmaceutical and Food Companies since two decades sharing knowledge and expertise in the conceptualization, development and management of Natural Products viz;

  • AyuBreth – Ayurvedic Bronchodilator Mouth Spray,
  • Trimigo-SL – Ayurvedic sub-lingual tablets for various types of headache
  • HairGo – Ayurvedic powder based hair remover,
  • Chyawanprash Toffees – novel and innovative food products
  • Chyawanprash Energy / Immunity Bar in two variants

All these innovations are first time or never heard concepts in market.

Innovations (Treatments):

He has developed (innovated) his own, very effective and successful ayurvedic treatment approaches in the areas of Pain Management (Osteo Arthritis, Spinal Disorders, Neuro-muscular disorders, Headache – Migraine), Management of GI disorders (e.g. Colitis, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS etc).


He continually organizes training programs and courses focused on Ayurvedic subjects. Besides, he has also placed a great emphasis on utilizing various media platforms including the Electronic and Print Media, Social Networking sites and blogs, as well as book publications. He has been actively spreading awareness about Ayurveda via several national and international news interviews. He has been regularly publishing columns in the Gujarati daily newspaper Divyabhaskar and has published 11 books on Ayurveda topics so far to promote Ayurveda. His book on Panchkarma is translated and published in Italian language too.

Ayulink Network:

Ayulink, a multi-objective platform, provides excellent service in the field of Healthcare and it actively promotes Education, conducts Clinical Research, manufactures and exports Ayurvedic products through 22 franchises situated worldwide (USA – Europe – India).

Organizer :

He has jointly organized World Ayurveda Conference, Ahmedabad (WACA2019) during 15-17 February 2019 at AMA Hall, Ahmedabad

Pioneer in Gujarat State:

  • First ayurveda doctor to accept computer in practice and making efforts to create awareness for computer in Ayurveda community – 1987
  • First full fledged panchkarma center – 1988
  • First website of any ayurveda doctor – 1995
  • First to start Ayurveda Tourism (draw first patient from website) – 1997-8
  • First ayurveda hospital – registered in 2009
  • First to offer Mediclaim (Medical Insurance reimbursement)  – Since 2009
  • First to offer Cashless Mediclaim (Medical Insurance reimbursement) –  2012-13

Selected Achievements:

Appointed as Honorary Panel Ayurvedic Consulting Physician to Dr. Jivraj Mehta Smarak Health Foundation and Bakeri Medical Research Center, Ahmedabad.
Co-Ordinator for SPAC (Society for Promotion of Ayurvedic Consciousness
Serving as Internet Ayurveda Consultant with US based company www.HealthStores.com/ayurveda, The Health Stores, CA, USA
Invited as Advisor to AMLA natur GmbH, Germany
* Invited as Founder Member of All Gujarat Nature Cure Federation (AGNCF), Ahmedabad
* Invited as Founder Member of  German Indian Society for Ayurveda in Hamburg, Germany
Served as Founder Secretary of Academy of Ayurveda Development And Research (AADAR), Ahmedabad.
1996-1998-2006- 2016
(I) Appointed as Honorary Panel Ayurvedic Consulting Physician to P.R.L. (Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, Department of Space, Government of India) and
(II) Appointed as Honorary Panel Ayurvedic Consulting Physician to I.P.R. (Institute for Plasma Research, Village Bhat, Gandhinagar, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India)
(III) Appointed as Honorary Panel Ayurvedic Consulting Physician to O.N.G.C. (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited, Ahmedabad, Government of India)
(I) 1991-Present
(II) 1994-2014
(II) 2016- Present
Agreement with Caracas, Venezuela based company to Promote Ayurveda Tousirm in Gujarat State, first of its kind.
December 2006

For detailed CV, Please email : info@ayulink.com