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Ayulink now offers three kinds of Franchise (in India and Worldwide):

  1. Franchise for Ayulink educational courses
  2. Franchise for Ayulink Migraine Management Centers
  3. Franchise for Ayulink Beauty – Spa Centers
  4. Franchise for Ayulink Pain Management Center – Coming Soon

Educational franchise is for individuals as well as centers who offer short term Ayurveda courses. There are two possibilities: either you offer courses which are designed by Ayulink or else you continue to offer the courses conducted by you , with due approval of Ayulink. Ayulink would help improving the technical quality of these courses and finally the certificate / diploma would be awarded by Ayulink India. This would motivate students to choose appropriate courses. Further, this kind of business association with a reputed Indian Ayurveda organization makes it more authentic for business purposes.

Migraine franchise is meant for management of migraine and can be taken even by a – non- medical person. However, there should be a qualified medical doctor available in the franchisee to offer treatment/ carry out desired procedure.  This procedure needs one day training with us. Necessary inventory for the process will be supplied by Ayulink. It is required that proper documentation is maintained by the franchise for each client.

Beauty- Spa franchise is meant for 100% chemical free beauty products and processes. It can be taken even by a – non- medical person. Special process for different beauty services are designed by Ayulink, which needs one day training for Franchise holder to learn and practice. Necessary inventory (products) for the process will be supplied by Ayulink at a special discounted rate. 

We invite you to join us and be a part of our worldwide network.

Would you like to join us as Franchisee?

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Ayulink Migraine Management Centers


Franchise Dr. Name Dr. Tushar Trivedi  Palanpur, Gujarat Dr Rita Ajay Pithia, Junagadh, Gujarat Dr. Purva Raval, Valsad, Gujarat Dr. Avani Himanshu Joshi, Patan, Gujarat
Contact No. 9426910461 9714066779 9979311090, 9408780783 7016166064, 9722070006,
Franchise Dr. Name Dr. Sachin Sudam Kadlag, Pune, Maharashtra Vd. Rakesh Shah, Ahmedabad, Gujarat Dr. Priti Parikh, Mahudha, Gujarat Dr. Leena Pawar, Kalyan, Thane, Maharashtra
Contact No. 9822303909 9825778840 0268-2572572 9820508138
Franchise Dr. Name Dr. Jyoti Ranjan Kumar, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand 
Contact No. 9386000000


Franchise Dr. Name Yash Patel, USA
Contact No. yashpatel65@yahoo.com

Ayulink Beauty – Spa Centers


Franchise Dr. Name Dr. Anamika Chouhan, Indore, MP
Contact No. 9826848176

Ayulink Education Centers


Franchise Dr. Name Beata Horvath, Malaga, Spain Martina Kobs- Metzger, Hamburg, Germany
Contact No.  info@biobea.com  info@ayurveda-kochschule.de