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  • 43% of female and 20% male population of the world is suffering with migraine
  • All over 47% adults population of the world is suffering with headache.
  • Ayurveda classifies headache of 12 types – several of them resembles with Migraine and they are very difficult to cure / control.
  • You are aware of usual ayurveda practice; which involves handful of tablets, vatis, kwath – liquids etc. Still overall treatment time is very long. Many a times 1 to 2 years for relief.

Why ayulink migraine treatment?

  • Fast acting – response time is less then 30 min
  • No oral medicines or no any other external applications
  • Short duration of treatment – only 8 sittings
  • Economical in long run
  • No day to day maintenance
  • Complete relief to 90% patients and cure for 70% patients

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Please have a look at research Paper on efficacy of our Migraine program, published in a scientific journal:

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