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Ayulink Migraine Management Program 


  • 43% of female and 20% male population of the world is suffering with migraine
  • All over 47% adults population of the world is suffering with headache.
  • Ayurveda classifies headache of 12 types – several of them resembles with Migraine and they are very difficult to cure / control.
  • You are aware of usual ayurveda practice; which involves handful of tablets, vatis, kwath – liquids etc. Still overall treatment time is very long. Many a times 1 to 2 years for relief.

Why ayulink migraine treatment?

  • Fast acting – response time is less then 30 min
  • No oral medicines or no any other external applications
  • Short duration of treatment – only 8 sittings
  • Economical in long run
  • No day to day maintenance
  • Complete relief to 90% patients and cure for 70% patients

“Nasal drops” treatment is a part of ayurveda / panchkarma treatments, described in the classical text book.  Dr. Shah has developed his own style of performing this particular process. This is a sheer experience and expertise and his dedication for the patients. 

Thousands of ayurveda doctors do perform the same “nasya” treatment in India. Dr. Shah is not only one, but the results of the Nasal drops treatment, when it is performed by the trained staff at Ayulink, under the guidance of Dr. Shah, works like magic. Patient is more assured for most positive responses. Less medicine or many a times no medicines (our Migraine management treatment and Arthrothermia treatments does not require any internal medicines), but maximum benefits and positive responses…that is where Ayulink is constantly focused.

Usually 2 sittings per weeks of nasal drops for maximum 4 weeks (total 8 sittings, each sitting takes around 20-30 minutes), with very less and very common ayurvedic herbs + life style suggestion are generally enough to taper down modern medicines and switch over to ayurveda in short span. Usually our patients records show that  patients can enjoy life with bearable complaints and symptoms of above such diseases after a short span of treatment at Ayulink Migraine Management Center.  

What patient need is the TRUST and FAITH in Ayurveda.

We have number of our Franchise centers in India and in USA now. You may like to contact any of our center.

Please have a look at research Paper on efficacy of our Migraine program, published in a scientific journal:

Copy-paste this link into your browser  http://iamj.in/posts/images/upload/543_548_1.pdf 

or download IAMJ-paper (pdf file)

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