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March-2020, Issue 255, Year 22

In this Issue:

  • AyuCafé: Webinar from Ayulink Ayurveda
  • E News- From Ayulink Firms
  • Upcoming events / conferences of Ayurveda
  • Links to our social media profiles


Activities planning for 2020:

  • USA – May 2020
  • World Ayurveda and Yoga Conference, Buenos Aires, Argentina in June 2020
  • Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile – June 2020
  • Slovenia, Germany (Europe) – July 2020

 Dr. Shah will be available for organizing seminar / workshop in above places. contact :ayulink@gmail.com



Ayulink is having presence in

3 continents (Asia, Europe and North America)

4 Countries (India, USA, Germany and Spain)

13 Franchise – altogether till date


AyuCafé  (Monthly Free Webinar)

AyuCafé  – by Ayulink is an innovative concept for social get-together for Ayurveda lovers. AyuCafé organizes activities such as talks and informal discussion meetings for healthy living. AyuCafé  is not meant to be a platform for  formal monologue lectures…..rather we wish to create a platform…where everybody can join and discuss various health issues – Lively. At the moment, this is a once in a month activity. With your support, we will make it more frequent in future. All Ayurveda practitioners are also welcome to AyuCafé – Live Chat on Whatsapp : on last Saturday of every month @ 1600 India Time.

For summary of the session, click on below link: https://ayulink.blogspot.com



E News- FromAyulink partner firms

Ayulink  Ayurveda  Hospital – Since 1988

( A division works for patients care and promotion of Ayurveda)

Ayulink organize free diagnosis camps for needy People. Also we offer Panchkarma treatments for Migraine, Arthritis, Thyroid, Colitis etc.

Ayulink offers chemical free ayurveda treatments – Hair-spa, Facial,  D-tan, Body-polishing…


Ayulink Education – Since 1996

(A division works for education and promotion of our short term Ayurveda courses outside India).

In January 2020 Ayulink Organize “Ayulink Astrology Workshop” & “Pulse Diagnosis Workshop”

Inquiries for Franchise of Ayulink Education is welcome from owners of Ayurveda schools and centers anywhere in the world


Ayulink Food Products  – Since 1999

(Our export division of healthy products – conventional and Certified Organic products too) we are now coming up in the market with several very delicious and healthy food supplements. This year we have developed Moringa candy. We have already several candies in the market (only for exports), viz; Amla Candy, Ginger Candy, Digest Candy, Sitopaladi Candy and now Moringa Candy.


Ayulink Clinical Research– Since 2014

( A division works for clinical trials and scientific validation of ayurvedic products) we invite all ayurvedic pharma / manufacturers to come forward for clinical trials of their patented products at our center. We undertake Phase – 3 (Human Clinical Trials) at affordable costs.


Ayulink Franchise Network:

Ayulink offers “Ayulink Pain Clinic” Franchise now.

Ayulink now offers three kinds of Franchise (in India and Worldwide):

* Franchise for Ayulink Educational courses

* Franchise for Ayulink Migraine Management Centers

* Franchise for Ayulink Beauty – Spa Centers

We invite you to join us and be a part of our worldwide network. Contact: ayulinkfranchise@gmail.com

At moment we have;

* 2 International Franchise of Ayulink Education (in Germany and Spain)

* 10 Franchise of Ayulink Migraine Centers (9 in India and 2 in USA)

* 1 Franchise of Ayulink Beauty-Spa in India


*Upcoming Events / Conferences on Ayurveda

(1) International  AYUSH Conference & Exhibition – Dubai, Organized by World Ayurveda Foundation on 9th to 11th April, 2020. For more details contact: www.ayushdubai.org

(2) KBCON-2020: 3rd National Seminar on “Preventive and Curative Aspects of Swarna Yoga w.s.r to Lehana Karma”  organized  by  State Ayurvedic College and Hospital, Lucknow on 4th April, 2020. For more details contact : hodkblko@gmail.com


*Links to our social media profiles

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/DrPrerakShah/

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-prerak-shah-aaa1704/

Google + – https://plus.google.com/105535617353619990160

Twitter – https://twitter.com/DrPrerakShah

Xing – https://www.xing.com/profile/Prerak_Shah

Website  – http://ayulink.com/

Blogger – http://ayulink.blogspot.in/

WhatsApp – +91-9824243567


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