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October 2017, Issue 226, Year 17

In this Issue:

  • Know our franchise – Ayulink Migraine Management Centers
  • News from active Ayulink Team – News from Ayulink Hospital, Ayulink Education, Ayulink Clinical       Research
  • Interesting to know :4 Beneficial effect of spices
  • International conference
  • From our blog
  • Worth reading : 25 min of Yoga
  • Diwali festival dates



Know our:

Ayulink Migraine Management Centers

We are happy to announce establishment of 7 franchises of Ayulink Migraine Management Centers throughout India. We welcome establishment of new franchises by members of Ayulink family as under:

Name Contact City
Dr.Purva Raval 9979311090           Valsad,Gujarat
Dr.Rakesh Shah 9825778840           Ahmedabad,Gujarat
Dr. Rita Karangiya 9714066779           Junagadh,Gujrat
Dr.Priti Parikh 9909212372           Mahudha-Kheda,Gujarat
Dr. Tushar Trivedi 9426910461           Palanpur,Gujarat
Dr. Sachin Kadlag 9822303909    Pune, Maharashtra
Dr. Avani Joshi 7016166064           Patan,Gujarat


Kindly refer your Migraine patients to visit any of our franchises;

New franchise proposals are invited from persons all over India. Call or write to us. Within a short time Ayulink is planning to start Franchises in Europe and South America.



 from Active Ayulink Team

* FREE Ayulink Arthrothermia Week (2 to 7th Oct 2017)


Diwali is a festival of gaiety. Let us gift you painless joints / improve their mobility. Our Arthrothermia treatment offers fast and assured solution for chronic arthritis and other painful muscular, ligament and tendon conditions. Persons suffering from following conditions should visit us this week: Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis , Spine related problems – Back pain, Neck pain, Sciatica , Frozen shoulders, DQ syndrome, Calcaneus spur, Neuro – Muscular disorders and inflammatory conditions of Joints- Ligament-Muscular stiffness, etc…

Registration is a must. Call or contact now for appointment. Whatsapp / Mob. : 9824243567




“Celebrate Diwali with our Chemical free beauty treatments-

Herbal Facial, Hair-spa and Body-polishing.”





Dr. Prerak Shah is planning to visit Europe in November, 2017. Proposals are invited to organize his training programs, lectures, seminars and workshops .

Dr. Shah is planning to visit Latin America in February – March, 2018 .Proposals are invited to organize his training program, lectures, seminars and workshops.


Clinical Research

Thyroid project: We are carrying out a unique clinical research project for management of Thyroid disorders. If you are suffering with Hypo-thyroid – or Hyper- thyroid, please contact us.



Interesting To Know

“Spices you should include in your daily diet for well-being and longevity”

-Effects of spices on our body

Spices like Cloves (laung), Fenugreek (methi), Cumin seeds (jeera) and many others are an important part of Ayurveda. These are not only useful in our daily cooking but also have therapeutic value. Some spices, like Turmeric (haldi), have been used in India since time immemorial. It has significant healing properties. According to Ayurveda, Garlic (lehsun) is quite beneficial for skin, cholesterol management, blood purification and detoxification of the body. To know more about different spices please read: http://www.newsnation.in/lifestyle/health-and-fitness/6-ayurvedicfoods-that-you-should-include-in-your-daily-diet-for-well-being-and-longevity-article-177241.html



 International Conferences:

* National Ayurveda summit was organized by CCIM ,New Delhi at Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar on September 30,2017.

* 23rd International Conference – “Ayurveda for Health & Wellness” will be held during November 11 & 12, 2017- London, UK. Register Online: http://globalayurvedaconferences.com/participant-registrat…/

* 24th International Conference on “Kayachikitsa&Panchakarma” will be held during December 23 & 24, 2017 at KLE University’s Centenary Convention Center, Belagavi, Karnataka, India. website: http://www.kleayurworld.edu.in/index.php/pragati-2017/



From Our:

 Piper longum (Pippali or Lendipipal) – a wonder   Ayurvedic   herb:-

*Pippali is a wonderful herb. It cleanses blood; improves digestion; and is useful in treating disorders of skin, nervous system, relieves anxiety, fear, headache; and enhances memory power as well as intellect. It also works as Hepato-protective, Anticancer, Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory agent. Read more fascinating facts on Pippali on our blog http://ayulink.blogspot.in/2015/12/pippali-lindi-pipar-or-piper-longum.html



Worth Reading

25 minutes of daily Yoga  may  boost Brain Function and Energy Levels!!!

A combination of various asanas, pranayam and meditation — along with meditation daily for just 25 minutes can significantly improve brain function and energy levels, according to a new study.The findings show that meditation   can boost brain’s cognitive functions, particularly goal- oriented behavior and the ability to control knee-jerk emotional responses.

Read more on :http://indianexpress.com/article/lifestyle/health/25-minutes-of-yoga-may-boost-brain-function-energy-levels-4832726/



Diwali Festival:

17th October : Dhanvantari Pooja Day (known as Dhanvantari Trayodashi or Dhan-teras)

19th October : Diwali Festival

20th October: New Year day

“Lighten up your surroundings with your smile and make way for happiness with your good health and wealth.”



Ayulink Family Wishes you a very Happy and Healthy Diwali and Happy New Year


Editorial curtsey: Mr. Prabhakar Sharma


Dr. Prerak Shah, “AYULINK”.

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