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January -2018, Issue 229, Year 20

In this Issue:

Ø Good to know:  Gut-Brain relation
Ø International Conferences
Ø News from active Ayulink Team: –
  ·       AYU Café
  ·       Ayulink Hospital
  ·       Ayulink Clinical Research
  ·       Ayulink Education
Ø  From our blog: Importance of Rason (Garlic) in management of health issues…

Ø Worth to read –  Ayurveda Steroidal pattern!!!

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***WELCOME 2018***


* GOOD TO KNOW: Gut brain relation


Gut brain relation begins with the gut & brain originating from the same clump of tissue in the embryo. The gut is often referred to as the “second” brain because it contains the same tissue and can produce many of the same chemical messengers as the brain that sits in the cranium.

Body & mind has a synchronic relationship, while in fast asleep we see wonders in dream feel a bit of insect, dog, animal, pinching pain of pointed nail, though physically not abused by any of them, similarly anesthetically local part affected no touch no pain reaches brain, most likely any ailment is governed by brain clubbing these with present topic I suppose Ayurveda medicine along with its efficacy also conveys message to brain regarding its arrival in the body, brain has to just await. “Basti is method to make treatment path acting on Gut and Brain – neurological disorders.”

Modern science is now discovering what Ayurveda has known for thousands of years, the intrinsic connection between the state of gut microbes and the brain, and how it impacts health on many levels both physically and mentally, and can cause a wide variety of disorders and research its treatment through guts.


* International  Conferences on Ayurveda

  1. International Conference on “Factors Affecting the Efficacy of Ayurvedic Medicines”,

5th -6th January, 2018, Venu: Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi (8126212854)

For more information and registration visit: icfaeam2018@gmail.com

  1. National Workshop on Cancer-2018: “Clinical Practice Based Cancer Therapy in Ayurveda in Current Scenario”,

17th or 18th   January , 2018, Venue:  National Institute of Ayurveda, Jaipur , India

For more information and registration email: nia-rj@nic.in

  1. One Day National Conference
    January 28, 2018, Venue: Mauli Hall, Near Pendharkar college, Dombivli(EAST), Thane, Maharashtra, India, For more information and registration: alloveda2018@gmail.com




A  golden opportunity for  Ayurvedic  doctors or Yoga practitioners  Globally:

Be our Franchise and increase your income.

Ayulink offers Franchise for Migraine Management Centers

Applications are invited from Ayurvedic doctors / centers from India / abroad.



* E News- From Active Ayulink Team

News from AYU Café

Ayu Café  – by Ayulink is an innovative concept for social get-together for Ayurveda lovers. Ayu café  organizes activities  such as talks and informal discussion meetings for healthy living.

AYU Café  is not meant to be a platform for  formal monologus lectures…..rather we wish to create an ambience of a café…where everybody can relax and discuss various health issues informally over refreshments.

At the moment, we want to make this activity once a month. With your support, we will make it more frequent in future. All Ayurveda  practitioners are also welcome to Ayu Café.

*:* The  last Ayu Café program was organized on 23rd December, 2017 with the theme “Healthy recipe for winter”. Doctors as well as ayurveda lovers  gathered  and shared their experiences of different kinds of food items and specific winter recipes. AYU Café served different varieties of chyawanprash. Mr. Parag Shah offered his home made Bajra (Millet) cookies. All participants where happy with the discussions and recipes shared by all.

Next AYU café program will be organized on Saturday,  27th January, 2018at 15.00 pm to 17.00 pm at Ayulink Hospital, Ahmedabad, with the theme “Hair Care in Winter”. All are cordially invited.

News from Ayulink Ayurveda Hospital

We offer our special services at discounted rates for needy people (Humanitarian services)

  • Every Monday – Arthritis and Joint pain patients can avail Diagnosis and Guidance at special rates (Arthrothermia treatment will be also available to need y patients at discounted rate)
  • Every Wednesday – Migraine and Headache patients can avail Diagnosis and Guidance at special rates
  • Every Friday – Gastro-intestinal problems like Colitis, Ulcerative colitis, IBS, IBD patients can avail Diagnosis and Guidance at special rates

News from Ayulink Clinical Research:

We invite all ayurvedic pharma /  manufacturers to come forward for Clinical Trials of their patented products at our center. We undertake Phase – 3 (Human Clinical Trials) at   affordable rates.

News from Ayulink Education :

Ayulink is all set for training programs with foreigners in this month.

* From our Blog:

Importance of Rason (Garlic) in management of health issues….#Ayurvedic approach

Vd. Dhruti Nirav Bhatt: Rason (Garlic )Siddh Til oil is very effective in Paralysis. Gandush with that oil is also cure Facial palsy, Rason and Ajwain siddh Mister oil is very effective in Ear-ache. you can make potli (cotton ball) of rason and put it on chest of child when congestion.

Croatia Branko Markovic: For candida swallow on empty stomach 1-2 whole peace of garlic (be careful not to damage while pealing). For all related nerves below neck lashun is doing wonders! It should be taken in rasayana dose/vardhaman. It is even shown good results in Parkinson..

USA Gary Yuen: I have heard garlic, as well as ginger, is good for rubbing on the scalp to promote circulation and hair growth. Is this true?

Croatia Branko Markovic: neural pain – sciatica, spondylitis; cardio protective – improve cardiac function; anti lipidemic – clean circulatory channels, anti hypertensive; imunostimulant.

Dr. Bhaskar B Nymathi:

रसोनस्य सतैलस्य प्राग्भक्तमुपसेवनम्|  च,चि ३/३०४.

लशुनकल्क + तैल>विषम ज्वरनाशक

Garlic with sesame oil act as best  Jwaraghna.

* Some of  people don’t use  garlic in food may be because of rajo guna!

Dr. Supratim Bir: Exact reference I was recollecting.

Apan e bigune purve….That means medicines for apan dusti r to b taken before meal n rasons also in same manner. Rason corrects vata dosha in prana-apaan axis with correction of Apan.  So it s widely used in apan dusti symptoms

Read more on our blog  http://ayulink.blogspot.com/2016/11/importance-of-rason-garlic-in.html

* Worth Reading    Ayurveda Steroidal pattern!!!

Piper is called Pippali in Ayurveda books. Piper longum is its Latin name. Vardhaman pipali prayog – increasing & decreasing dose of Pippali is known as ‘steroidal pattern’ and it is known to ayurveda since centuries. Pippali is Rasayana (Rejuvenator and anti-oxidant), which now is having much importance in the treatment of auto-immune diseases.

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