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February -2018, Issue 230, Year 20


In this Issue:

– Good to know: 

– International Conferences on Ayurveda

– E News- From Active Ayulink Team

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– Worth to Read: Agni  


* Good to know:   Types of Dahi (Curd or Yogurt)

In Bhavprakasha nighntu, there is a description of 5 types of Dadhi :-

  1. Manda – Semi Thick formed curd
  2. Swadu – Sweet curd
  3. Swaduamla – Sweet-sour curd
  4. Amla – Sour curd
  5. Atiamla- Very sour curd.

Properties of curd according to types:-

  1. Manda: Not fully formed and does not any particular taste. It is not good for consumption. Causes Tridosha imbalance, Vidahi (produced burning),
  2. Swadu: Sweet and Thick curd. Abhishyandi, Increases Kapha Dosha & meda. Pacify vata dosa. Useful in certain blood and Pitta related diseases. It is vrushya-aphrodisiac.
  3. Swaduamla: Thick, sweet & Astringent in test. Grahi, Aggravates pitta, rakta & kapha dosha.

4.Amla: Agnidipana-  increases digestive fire. Increases Pitta , rakta and Kapha dosha.

5.Atiamla: very sour in test so causing burning sensation in throat. Also agnidipana , increases Vata, Pitta & rakta.



AYULINK is ready to spread our activities internationally,

We are appointing a representative in Europe in short time.



* International Conferences on Ayurveda

  1. National Workshop on “Psycho-oncology and Cognitive Behavior Therapy”, 6th to 12th February, 2018 – organized by Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. For more details email: kcpsychocbt@gmail.com
  2. State level Workshop on “Survey of Medicinal Plants”,17th February, 2018 –  organized by Alva’s Ayurveda Medical College, Karnataka.
    For more details: www.alvasayurveda.com
  3. National Seminar on “Integration of Herbal Drugs with Modern Medicines for Better Healthcare”,23rd– 24th February, 2018- organized by  ITM School of Pharmacy, ITM Universe, Vadodara.
    For more details: http://www.itmuniverse.ac.in/itmsop/

* E News- From Active Ayulink Team

News from AYU Café

Ayu Café  – by Ayulink is an innovative concept for social get-together for Ayurveda lovers. Ayu café organizes activities such as talks and informal discussion meetings for healthy living.

AYU Café  is not meant to be a platform for  formal monologue lectures…..rather we wish to create an ambience of a café…where everybody can relax and discuss various health issues informally over refreshments.

At the moment, we want to make this activity once a month. With your support, we will make it more frequent in future. All Ayurveda practitioners are also welcome to Ayu Café.


Another session of Ayu Cafe was organized on 27th January, 2018 with the theme “Hair care in winter season”. Doctors as well as  ayurveda lovers gathered and shared their thoughts & experiences on Harmful effects of chemical products, uses of different kinds of shampoo,  soaps, different oils, internal medicines, commercial products available in the market, Present ayurveda practitioners shared their views on foods / diet advisable for nutrition of hair.  All participants where happy with the discussion and experienced shared by all Vaidyas. Program concluded with tea-coffee.

Next Ayu Cafe will be organized on 24th February, 3.00 pm, with the subject: “Allergies & Holi festival”. All are cordially invited.


News from Ayulink Ayurveda Hospital

Ayulink Arthrothermia Week held on 5th  to 10th February,2018 for the patients of * Osteoarthritis * Rheumatoid arthritis  * Spine related problem – Back pain, Neck pain, Sciatica * Frozen shoulder * DQ syndrome * Calcaneous spur * Neuro – Muscular disorder and all other Joint- Ligament-Muscular  stiffness/ inflammatory conditions. All six days were completely booked, nearly 50+ patients were benefited. Patients with knee joint pains (advised for total knee replacement), lower back pain, neck pain, frozen shoulder were improved a lot within 1 sitting of Arthrothermia treatment.  Our opinion book is full of very much positive and encouraging words from all patients.  At the end of this camp, we like to thank all of you for your kind support.  Arhtrothermia treatment is available in our center at regular basis with nominal cost.

AYULINK now offers International Franchise of ‘Ayulink Migraine Management Centers’, where we provide experience, knowledge and confidence to legally qualified doctors, who wants to practice with pure Ayurveda treatment and serve the humanity. We provide all support to our Franchises for the Management of Migraine within very short time duration, without any internal  medicine First Franchise in Europe will start functioning within short time.


News from Ayulink Clinical Research:

We invite all ayurvedic pharma / manufacturers to come forward for Clinical Trials of their patented products at our center. We undertake Phase – 3 (Human Clinical Trials) at   affordable rates.


News from Ayulink Education :

AYULINK now offers Franchise of ‘Ayulink Education Centers’, where we approve and authorize short term courses offered by Ayurveda centers in Europe, USA, Latin America. We also help such centers to maintain the quality of the courses. Finally diploma / certificate is awarded jointly by AYULINK EDUCATION, India and European partner organization. First Franchise in Europe will start functioning within short time.


* From our Blog:

Worth reading discussions for Ayurveda lovers:

Suryavart, Ardhavbhedak – different kind of Shirahshul management by Ayurveda


Uses of Basil (Tulsi) for health management according to Ayurveda



* Worth to Read: Agni   

Agni or Digestive fire is the prime agency to convert food into the form required by the body for digestion and then absorption. Too much of digestive fire is bad, same is true for extremely low. One needs Agni in equilibrium. The prime factor governing Agni is Mind or MAN. IF THE PERSON IS HAPPY IT REMAINS IN EQUILIBRIUM OTHERWISE IT GETS IMBALANCED. So Always Keep smiling to stay Healthy…


Dr. Prerak Shah, “AYULINK”.

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