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Ayulink Ayurveda Hospital

Outdoor Patient Department (OPD)

Multi Specialty Ayurveda OPD offers counseling for;


Doctor Speciality
Dr. Prerak Shah Panchkarma 
Dr. Dhruti Kagrana Migraine – Headache
Dr. Usha Jani (on call) Gynecologist (women problems)
Dr. Pranjlin Kanvar (on call) Garbhsanskar
Dr. Dhruti Kagrana Hair – Beauty
Dr. Prerak Shah Arhtrothermia (Joint pains)
Dr. Prerak Shah Gastro- Intestinal disorders

Ayulink Ayurveda Hospital is first registered ayurveda hospital in Gujarat State. This hospital is having Outdoor patient department, Indoor facility, panchkarma treatments facility and beauty treatments facilities too. This is first ayurveda hospital in the state, offering medical insurance re-imbursement facility.

We have multi-specialty OPD, where well experienced ayurveda doctors are offering there services in different specialty health areas.

We offer …Treatment & Counselling

> General Consultations For

  • Clinical Health Problems,
  • Rejuvenation Treatments,
  • Beauty Treatments ,
  • Aphrodisiac Treatments,
  • Stress Management Treatments

> Humanitarian services

  • We enjoy to participate in following activities any where, by personal request. For non-affording community, please ask for FREE activities
  • Check-up camps
  • Panchkarma Treatment camps
  • Training Seminars
  • Scientific Workshops
  • Scientific Lectures


Testimonials from our clients: Testimonials

Indoor Patient Department
Panchkarma Treatment Facilities
Arthrothemia  for Neuromuscular /Joint Disorder
Migraine Treatment
Colitis Treatment
Beauty Treatment