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Patient’s Testimonials
Hi Prerakbhai & Vandanaben,
I am doing good after I took panchakrma treatment with you last month (May 2011). I have no pain or numbness in my arm and hope it won’t come back. I also went EMG test- nerve conduction test as directed by my orthopedic here. The test came out negative, they did not find any damage nerve and as per neurologist & orthopedic now I do not have Carpal Tunnel. Now I am happy and be able to do my normal daily activities.
Thank you for all your help and time you and Vandanaben spent for my treatment.
As of the 20th of March 2000, I started the treatment at your clinic and the following Aryurveda Treatments were given: bulletHerba Massage bulletComplete Body Herbal Dhara Herbal Fomentation bulletBasties –Panchakarma Treatment bulletNasya – Panchakarma Treatment bulletShrodhara – Dhara in my Head bulletFace Pack bulletNetra-tarpan, treatment for the eyes . I must say the treatments were done in a very professional manner and with and with much care and love. I have felt very relaxed, clean, light in short like new borned. The treatment has increased my eye-sight, what was -2.75 and is now only -2.0, so I could use my „old“ spectacles again. Also I was suffering of lack of concentration and forgetfulness, and I must say that after the treatment my concentration has improvement immensely, also I remember things easily. Further I was suffering of Excema, what has disappeared now.
Thank you for your monthly newsletter. The devastation must be overwhelming. Please know that I’ll be remembering you, your family and fellow countrymen in my prayers. My Sarcoidosis is greatly improved… thanks largely to changing my way of life… eating habits (according to dosha) and meditation I’ll shall look to hear from you again next month.
Greetings from New York. Please advice me about what I can do to maintain the Panchkarma results. Is it possible to perform a mini-panchkarma every 10-15 years?
“Acne problems are commonplace in teen-aged children and it is not a secret that they are unwelcome. My case was not any different and I had been trying out different treatments without success. Fortunately, I got Dr. Prerak Shah’s reference.
The Panchkarma treatment takes a short time vis-a-vis homeopathy, allopathy etc. and the bottomline is that it works! The fundamental difference is that it is based on cleaning and flushing out the undesirable materials.
Since I received the treatment (more then a decade now) and I am very happy with the results of Panchkarma. Dr. Prerak Shah is a pioneer in this field and you are in safe hands under his guidance.”
“ I want you to know my overall condition and state of being has definitely gained ground. I need to continue but there is definity greater digestive power, less anxiety about food and about things in general – more awareness of my thoughts too – so more changes will no doubt continue. For these I am more grateful to you.”
“energetic massage. Circulatory action – very stimulating for the exterior layer of energy. – good for liver and large intestine – light action on joints”
“Nyasya, eyes treatments, face massage were excellent and very interesting to receive. Thank you”

Course Participants Testimonials
Course name : ‘Sneha’ Ayurveda Massage Training Program
Meeting Dr. Shah had been a true gift. After enquiring about his courses over email, I decided to book a trip to India (my first) and study with Dr. Shah. I knew from the multiple emails that I sent him prior to my arrival his that I would be meeting a wonderful person. My expectations were exceeded in ways that I could never have imagined. Dr. Shah is a teacher in the true sense. He shares all his knowledge with you completely freely and with joy and passion. This is very rare. And he tests you the way a father would, encouraging you to be better and to learn but with support and encouragement. Dr. Shah and his wife and all the Doctors and therapists at the clinic became family because the day I left I wept. His hospitality and generosity is something I have never known from someone I had just met. Every student that is studies with Dr. Shah is blessed – this is a rare privilege. Dr. Shah’s wife welcomed me equally and her cooking (you can learn from her in the cooking course offered) is incredible! No restaurant can ever cook with her special ingredient – love. If you are planning to study Ayurveda, don’t hesitate to visit Dr. Shah’s hospital. His teaching is priceless and his passion for furthering Ayurveda and helping his patients is endless. My accommodations were simple and clean and just one flight of stairs above the hospital. I can’t wait to return!
Course name : ‘Sneha’ Ayurveda Massage Training Program
Lacanau le 12/10/06 Thank you very much for all the things you teach me during my travel in your clinic. The subjects are more interresting and more complet than I hoped. Now I’m feel good to start my fondation here in france. I have appreciated very much your availability and your kindness. I’ll find you very professional and thanks to explain me how to adapt ayurveda in france. I’ll encourage every body who would like to learn ayurveda in india to go in your clinic. And I found accomodation very well and pleasant as your staff in your clinic. For people who would like to make a panchakarma in india I’ll give your address. It will be able for me to write a long praise, but the word are not enough strong to discribe all goods things that I‘d learn about ayurveda in your center. Thanks again, Regards
Course Name : Panchkarma Training program at Foundacion Villa Luz, Argentina
Un profesor de la India me dijo una vez que anote todos mis errores, que de ellos aprenderé, entre más me equivoque más aprenderé. Él tenía razón. Gracias Dr. Prerak Shah.
Y esa enseñanza la aplico en todos los aspectos de mi vida.
– A teacher of India once told me to write down all my mistakes, which of them will I learn, the more I am wrong the more I’ll learn. He was right. Thank you, Dr. Prerak Shah
And that teaching is the one I am applying in all aspects of my life. (1st July 2015, On FB page)
Course Name : Sneha & Vidya – Ayurveda Massage & Panchkarma Training program
Hi, I visited Dr. Prerak Shah and his center in September 2007. The experience in the clinic of Doctor Prerak Shah was very good in all respects, as the attention on their part, the staff of the clinic and his family made me feel at any time at home, that is what I like.
I with the intention to take the course of ayurvedic massage Sneha and about medicinal plants, I got training with real patients, which was helpful for me because you have more awareness of how to meet that challenge, not only are you going to treat aesthetic, you see cases with nervous problems, arthritis, digestive disorders etc and must act in each case, I learned that the ayurvedic massage goes beyond the aesthetic, it is a very important complement in the way of healing your body at the same time change your habits of life and food, in fact, take too panchakarma treatment
Regarding the accommodation i feel very comfortable, the advantages of the room is that it has kitchen where you prepare your own food, bath with hot water, air conditioning and security. Additionally it is just one floor up to the center.
The time I was there every night gave milk to two dogs, it was very tender to me because I like animals, in the free time or days off for a walk go out(?) like going to the cinema, restaurant, historic sites, shopping, sight seeing etc., i enjoy well and hope to return next year.
Date : 27th October, 2007
Course Name : Sneha and Vidya
Hi Prerak and family, I am missing India and the friends that I made there. The food, the colors, the smiles from strangers, the warmth of Indian families, etc. I even miss massaging people and sitting down to discuss Ayurved. Speaking of Ayurved, I am beginning my fast diet today. If you have any suggestions for the semi-solid days of food, do let me know.
Ah, and happy Divali! I just looked at the date to find that today is the first day of the holiday season. So, have a wonderful time together and eat a lot! 🙂
I am so grateful to have met each and every person in your family. Studying with you and getting to spend time with your family for two weeks has been a very special part of my life. I am sure we will meet again. Happy Divali
Course name : ‘Vidya’ Panchkarma Training Program
“I have been studying Ayurveda for last 3 years. Being a Surgeon and familiar with modern medicine for last 25 years, I have developed a critical approach. I have studied with traditional Ayurvedic Vidhyas who don’t compromise even a little in their treatment. Consequently, many people find Ayurveda very difficult to adapt in their life style. Dr. Prerak Shah taught me to mold to modern times without compromising Ayurvedic principles. That is his great gift. In two weeks I spent with Dr. Shah, I was impressed with number of practical tips he gave me. I am thankful to him and Dr. Pandya for spending so much of their time with me.”
Course name : ‘Vidya’” Panchkarma Training Program
To study Ayurveda in India is like to come back to home… even better if you can be assisted by someone who make you feel among family members. Dr. Prerak Shah is such person, a true rishi who imparts deep and useful knowledge on the very practical way with a strong preservation of the original science.”
Course name : ‘Vidya’ Panchkarma Training Program
Dear Prerak,
Now that my time of advanced education has come to an end, I want to firstly express my heartfelt “Thank You” for the time I have spent here in India. It was in many ways the most educational and beneficial time for me.
Speaking of further education, the course of Panchkarma was very very valuable for me. Since I am having a center in Marbella in Spain and offering to my clients Panchkarma I have learnt so many new applications that I can hardly wait to put them in practice.
Also to freshen up the concept of theory was of great interest and value to me. Having done my initial studies with another academy showed me the priceless value of the teachings done by you,.
Prerak .. These theories are so easy to be put into practice and I am more than grateful for everything you conveyed to me. These studies have been produced in a manner refreshing and most interesting, mostly because I had the opportunity to put the theory immediately into practice.
The patients I had the chance to check and diagnose and then also do the treatment, gave me confidence to go on in a more detailed manner in my own practice.
Thank you so much Prerak for giving so much of yourself and knowledge. The time here in India will always be the most precious for me. In short a visit to Ahmedabad will be for everybody an experience never to be forgotten.
Course Names : Saundarya, Sneha & Aushadh (Ayurveda massage training, Field Training program and Ayurveda Beauty concepts training programs)
Dear Dr. Prerak and Vandana,
As an Ayurvedic student, I have been able to study not only the herbs and ayurvedic massage and beauty tips but also be part of the institution and family. The warmth your family has shown me will never be forgotten.
This has been a tremendous experience for me assisting doctor in treating patients. Although I will not be able to carry out the same way in Japan, I hope to keep all the lessons in mind and help as many people relax and have faith in Ayurveda.
With love,
Course Name : Vidya – Panchkarma Training
Thanks for the wonderfull time which I could spent with you and your family. To be like a member of your family I didn´t expect, thanks for all the warmth and fun which you gave me.
And thank you for showing me the “real” panchakarma. Because of that the panchakarma Training was really successfull for me. I could learn a lot from you and it was great too that you gave me the possibility to try some different treatments. last and least a big thank for the lectures with Dr. Pandia, he gave me a lot about his knowledge and a lot of fun. My best regards to him, to you
Course Name : Rasoi – Ayurveda Cooking
How should you cook a week’s course in a million Indian city?
This question us on our journey of two Munich via Mumbai to Ahmedabad. When we arrived there at night, we have received the bustle of a big city with more than 6 million inhabitants.
One Aryuveda-Kochkurs on Indian “Rasoi ‘, we had selected and took us a week in the professional hands of Dr. Prerak Shah. We received daily plans with about 6 – 8 courts, in the course of the day were cooked and eaten. All ingredients and spices and cooking utensils were selected nicely so that it is also at home in Germany was possible, these recipes without much effort. Vadana Shah led us to refinements of ayurvedic kitchen, to a balanced diet and defines value, as 80 percent of the indigenous population to meat waived. With the diversity of dishes and flavors to be with. Admittedly, we have never eaten so well as this week. Various techniques were prepared to learn and Dr. Prerak Shah told us the effects of certain foods and spices on our body. We listened to and learned a lot about the different types of people and the food they eat should be preferred to balanced and happier life. This Indian Cooking Progam included not only delicious and wholesome meals, but also a little basic course in Ayurveda.
The meals, which we all shared in our room with a kitchen revenue, the time and the insight into the life of the party, which was granted as a matter of course, the evening trips to the big city-all that made the Indian hospitality and our farewell so hard.

Ayulink – Monthly newsletter Testimonials
Sent: Friday, August 16, 2002 9:42 AM
Dear Prerak,
Ayulink is becoming better & better. Keep it up and thus serve the science. Many people, even out side India, keep talking about this site and and claim they enjoy the conttents. Recently some Americans and Europeans opined this in US during Monroe wall symposium in New Brunswick, NJ, USA. I felt happy. Iwish you all the best and a success to Ayulink. Warm Rgds,

Co-worker Testimonials
Hello sir , My journey was fine .Sir, working with you was the most memorable event of my life.You’ve inspired me&has put confidence within me that I can also practice panchkarm .The things &lessons you taught me have changed the way I look at things&patient’s aswell.I wish if I could spend some more time working with you.The tips you gave me have started to prove very good.sir, you’ve changed so many things in my life .I was longing to go to a place where I could learn ayurveda ,which could give me satisfaction that whatever I’ve studied is the best, b’coz of people criticising ayurveda &giving them xplanatons about how ayu.works had made me frustrated.Now ,after joining ur center learning from you has put my confidence back I follow what you once said to me-humen ayurved ka level nahin barhana balki humen ayurved ke level tak aana hai .This thing has calmed my frustration now i dont feel like giving explanations ki ayurved kya hai. I thankyou for your guidence. Hope to see you soon.HAVE A NICE DAY. bye.

Newspaper Column Testimonials
Dear Dr. Prerak, I really ralished your article on “ANTARDANO INTERVIEW” (SENT TO ME BY SHREE BALVANTBHAI DESAI, GONDHIYA TRUST). I was amased that somebody can think of such a thing in this manner. The message is conveyed so lucidly k “SHIRANI JEM GADE UTARI JAY”. REGARDS.