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Beauty Tips

  • Skin care(For healthy skin)
    Take chyavanprash 10 grams everyday
  • For complexion
    Make paste of Sandalwood powder + Lodhra powder + Curcuma powder + Saffron + Milk, apply on skin. Or Lepam with lotus flower petals + banana pulp
  • To remove dark & dull patches of the skin
    Apply a paste of almond + milk cream + wheat flour. (Imports and maintains the natural colour of skin)
    A paste of almonds with honey is also good
  • For removing blackheads
    Wash with triphala decoction (Provides astringent & antiseptic effect)
    Ayurvedic Massages (Abhyang, Udvartan and special powder massage) are recommended.
  • Nail Care(To make Healthy nails)
    Lepam with Lentil powder + honey (Ensures growth of nails)
  • Udvartan with Borex powder (Antiseptic)
    Nail massage with medicated ghee for nutrition of nails.
  • Breast Care
    For firmness of breasts or good shape and posture – yoga, sun salutation, dancing, swimming, and appropriate exercises are advisable.
    For Breast beauty : Abhyang with sesame oil, ashwagandha oil on breast and parishek with warm water, milk or rose petal milk are advisable.
  • Hair Care
    Hair massage, Shirodhara and hair bath are recommended with ayurvedic formulas for better care of hairs.
  • For Dandruff (Seborrhic dermatitis)
    Wash hair with luke warm Triphala decoction or curd, yogurt or lemon juice.
    Takra dhara is good for dandruff.
  • Naval Care
    Navel must be cleansed with a soft cloth or cotton.
    Nabhi-Puran’ is a procedure in which medicated oil, or Lepam is poured over into it if one feels that navel remain smelly, unclean or painful.
    Naval Massage: gently with ghee or oil in circular movement is good for naval beauty.

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