Ayulink Beauty-SPA Franchise

Offering 100%Chemical free Beauty treatments

Ayulink now offers Franchise for Ayulink Beauty-SPA Center (in India and Worldwide):Ayulink Beauty-SPA Center franchise is for individuals as well as centers who offer special process for the chemical free beauty products/process.

Ayulink would help franchise by providing knowledge, experience and confidence in addition to material (inventory) and the process know how.

Our 100% chemical free “Hand Made” Beauty products range is ready for true Ayurveda / Natural products lovers:

Ayulink Facial Kit
2. Ayulink Hair Spa Kit
3. Ayulink Body Polish Kit
4. Ayulink D-Tan Kit
(No cream base in any above kit)

5. Ayulink Kajal
6. Ayulink Liquid Lip Nikhar – (Lip gloss) (in various 11 shades)
7. Ayulink Hair remover (Powder based)
8. Ayulink Shampoo (Powder based)
9. Ayulink Compact / Blush (in various 2 shades)
10. Ayulink Hair oil
11. Ayulink Hair Serum
12. Ayulink Face mist

* No chemical *
* No artificial color in any Kit *
* No added artificial perfume *
* Handmade*

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