Ayulink Ayurveda (since 1988)

Dr. Prerak Shah, founder and CEO of Ayulink, started Ayulink clinic in 1988. He was the pioneer to promote panchkarma in the private practice in entire Gujarat State. With his efforts and success, panchkarma practice became popular in next generations of ayurveda graduates and practitioners. 

Story behind curtains:

In 2006 Dr. Shah came to know legal hurdles to get Medical reimbursement for ayurveda / panchkarma treatment by Insurance companies. Patients choosing ayurveda / panchkarma treatment were not covered for medical reimbursement by most of the companies. Dr. Shah was informed that basic need for medical  reimbursement was to get legal status as Ayurvedic hospital or nursing home. In Gujarat state, by law, no ayurveda hospital or nursing home was allowed to get registration under prevailing Nursing Home Registration Act. Dr. Shah decided to fight against this legal situation. By his individual efforts and legal fight versus local government authority in appex court, in 2010, Ayulink Ayurveda Hospital was first to get Registration as Ayurvedic Nursing Home in the Gujarat state.

Since then Dr. Shah started approaching insurance companies and argued for the reimbursement for the medical expenses claims made by his patients for ayurveda – panchkarma treatments taken at Ayulink Ayurveda Hospital. Ayulink proudly claims as pioneer to get Mediclaim Reimbursement facility in the state.

After corona pandemic, in 2021 Ayulink surrendered its indoor nursing home license back to the authority.  Today Ayulink Center is having various treatment facilities and working with different departments as OPD (Outdoor patients):

Day-Care Facility 
Outdoor Patient Department
Panchkarma Treatment Facilities
Arthrothermia  – Pain Management
Migraine Treatment
Colitis Treatment
Beauty Treatment